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I can remember when I was a young boy growing up, my self discipline was something which was a very flexible part of my character.  By this, I mean that when the activity I was involved with was something I really liked and enjoyed, my self discipline was very good and my commitment and dedication to it being successful was high.  However, unfortunately, when the task in front of me was one in which I had very little enthusiasm or interest in, my self discipline often deserted me and sadly some failures were the inevitable result.

I feel obliged to say to you that this is not a good formula for consistent achievement and success in our lives.  Self discipline is something we need to apply to all our tasks equally and if we teach ourselves to do this, we will find that it becomes much easier to discipline our conscious mind to practice and carry through our tasks to their conclusion. Possibly, the best way to help build our self discipline is to develop positive routinesin our daily activities.  I want to stress the importance of saying positive, your mind will just as successfully adopt a negative, harmful routine if we teach it to.  So, just remember to be careful about what you instill into your mind, because what you put in is what you will get out.  Our mind functions best when it recognizes order and repetition, it seems to thrive on relatively set patternsand systematic activities.

I am certainly not trying to suggest that we should not also thrive on passion and spontaneity and we should simply surrender and just do the same things over and over.  We definitely need change and unexpected challenges in our lives to bring out the best in ourselves and this helps create excitement and great enjoyment for us. There is plenty of room for both types of personality in our character.  However, if history can be considered a teacher and an educator, we would do well to recognize the fact that many of the great achievements recorded down through the ages have only come about because of dogged determination and applying substantial amounts of self discipline, often for long periods of time, if not throughout complete lifetimes.

If we take simple steps each day to practice and build our self discipline through healthy sensible routines, we will be much more likely to prosper and create an easier, happier and more successful life for ourselves and the people we love.  So remember, to master the skills of self discipline, and you will become the master of yourself.



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                                  WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE, SWEET LOVE


The title for this chapter was not written by me and many of you will recognize it as a line from a very well known song.  Never the less, I believe it expresses one of the most valuable and most needed emotions in the world.  Love has always been needed down through our long history and is most certainly needed more than ever today and will continue to be needed far into the future.


Love is without doubt the most written about, spoken about and indeed sung about emotion of all, and it plays a significant roll in the lives of everyone. Love also certainly means many different things to many different people.  However, one thing is for sure, it is important to all of us, no matter how we understand and interpret the meaning of love.  There are so many ways we can express our love.  We can love our world, we can love our country, we can love our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, brothers and sisters, we can love our life partner, we can love our own children and we can love their children and their children’s children, we can love our God and our religion, we can even love our cat and our dog.  In fact, there is absolutely no limit to our capacity to find enough love for everything and every being we desire to share it with.


A wonderful thing about genuine love is that the more you give away the more you create within yourself, which enables you to continue giving away your love over and over without it ever running out.  Another wonderful thing about love is that, in time it always returns to you, the giver There is nothing selfish about this and it is simply the way the universe operates.  People may wish todisagree, but it is of no matter as it will still happen anyway.  Sometimes, it is not always immediately obvious.  However, you will gradually become aware of its return and you will also become aware of its progress, flowing out to many, many more people and creatures that you share this wonderful world with.


Love is the most powerful force in the world and we should all try our best to embrace its strength and share it as much as we possibly can.  Do not be afraid to show your love, do not be afraid to verbally express your love, do not be reticent to share your love, because it is a gift to us all from the Creator and we will be doubly blessed by passing the gift on to everyone we possibly can.  Embrace love in all its many forms and express it with passion and an open generous willingness to share your joy of life with those people you care about and also anyone else who will accept your wonderful gift. 





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                                RHYTHM IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE UNIVERSE

Have you ever wondered why almost all of mankind, both now and in the past, have developed at least one very recognizable common element among them, no matter how many differences there may have been or still are in their respective societies and cultures.  The single element I am thinking about is music.  Music is a universal activity, either with people as participants, enthusiastically playing a wonderful variety of different sound producing instruments down over the millennia, or simply as listeners enjoying the sounds that others have created or are still creating.


Perhaps we could consider that one of the major reasons for this commonality of interest and fascination in what we call music is because it is believed that the whole of the universe exists as the result of energy created by vibration waves. A relatively recent theory which has been put forward and is now widely accepted throughout the scientific world by scientists, physicists and astronomers, is that everything that exists in our universe is, in reality, simply created by the energy waves which travel about through the universe continuously rearranging the atoms and the smaller sub atomic particles like protons and neutrons and as science continues to discover, also many additional particles of ever decreasing size.  By this process of rearranging the molecular structure of the existing atoms, all matter is continuously being changed and recreated and that all of this is being done by something which you may have already guessed at.  Obviously, it is not music.  However, if you thought rhythm you are very close.  The current belief is that the entire universe as we know it exists because of the energy being carried along by vibration waves which are created by and launched on their miraculous journey by structures which the scientists are calling strings; these strings are believed to be the smallest structures which can exist in the universe.  By the way, the name strings has nothing to do with the concept of the music.  It is simply because of what scientists believe their shape is.  It is believed that as the vibrations created by the strings move out, they in essence, become energy waves pulsing out in very different rhythmic patterns.  So, in very simple terms, when these energy rhythms make contact with a structure which has it atoms arranged in a particular way, there are changes in the molecular structure of that arrangement and by this process the object as we perceive its shape and form would be completely transformed into something we would then perceive in a totally different way. However, the reality is that the structure is absolutely no more or no less than it was previously.  It simply now has a different form.  This theory is very relevant to the creation of music because when energy waves are created by either, wind, string, percussion or electronic instruments, subtle changes occur in the structure of the energy produced, in exactly the same way that it changes infinitely larger structures in the universe such as planets, stars and galaxies.  In the case of music, the changes become energy waves which we cannot see.  However, fortunately for us, we can both hear and feel them and they are presented to us in the form we know as music.


It is not my wish to discuss religious matters in any depth in my writing, so it is the choice of all readers to make up their own minds, if the question arises about who created the string rhythms in the beginning.  I, myself, am contentto believe that it was the doing of the Creator of all that exists.  However, this is another subject all together and better suited to be written about and discussed at another time and place.


Now back to the music.  As we are all aware, music can have a profound effect on our feelings and emotions and this is probably in great part, due to the fact that we are all beings created by, like everything else in the universe, rhythmic waves and when we hear or feel the rhythmic energy created by music, we become even more complete beings.  Perhaps we could liken it to putting the last few missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle into place to make the picture perfect.  This helps, to some degree, to explain why mankind has such a love, enjoyment and passion for so many forms of music.  It enables us to be more in harmony with the rhythm of the universe.  The world would certainly be a far less enjoyable place if it did not exist.  I would say we owe the earliest creators of music a great debt, even if it was only started by thumping on a log or whistling through a hollow piece of straw it was the beginning of mankind realising the enormous power of joining together two of the great forces of the universe, rhythmic waves with rhythmic energy and we are by far the better because of it.  Perhaps it was even an inevitable part of the great plan for the universe.


So, continue to play and listen to the music with enthusiasm and passion.  It is an integral part of our spirit and makes us one with each other and one with the universe.


Look in the mirror

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Look in the mirror and always try to see more of the internal rather than the shell that encases us.  Many forget true beauty and belive that the internal of who we are is weak and something that should be hidden when in fact, its those shallow vanity driven people who are truly weak and will fade and pass out of existance.


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We often forget to take the time to to breath deeply and use our mind to feel and place the oxygen deep into our body's where needed. Quite often we need to be reminded of this.


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                                                               BREATH IS LIFE


It certainly seems a very obvious statement to make, so why, you might ask would I devote a chapter to something as basic as breathing.  The normal act of breathing is something we do not even have to consciously be aware of.  Our brain automatically tells us to keep breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide, and this life sustaining action continuously occurs from the day we are born until the day we leave this world.  However, over millions of years of evolution, the human body has developed the efficiency to function extremely well during normal everyday activities, using the least amount of oxygen possible to sustain us.  This is simply the usual progression of any life form to operate at its most effective and optimum level.


This is the base from where we begin to build our body’s fitness and ability to progress on from where we would consider normal and we do this by exercising our body’s muscles and tissues in a manner which forces them to a higher level of development.  However, the element that we require the most to accomplish this is oxygen, and how is it that we obtain this oxygen?  Well, of course the answer is no surprise.  It is by breathing.  I will just take a few moments to explain what happens to the oxygen when we breathe in. It is freely floating about in all the air we breathe and is drawn down into our lungs every time we draw in breath. Our lungs, which we can liken to two large sponges, are filled with many blood vessels of various sizes and in an almost miraculous continuous event, the oxygen in the air is directed eventually to little tiny air sacs called Alveoli, and when the description of little and tiny are used to indicate just how small these sacks are, let me say that we are talking about there being something like 700,000 million of them in our lungs.  Finally, through a process

which is called diffusion, the oxygen passes through the tissue and through the walls of the tiniest of the blood capillaries which are entwined around the Alveoli sacs and becomes the oxygen in our blood as it is pumped throughout our body to every cell to nurture and sustain us.


As we exercise and our body grows stronger and fitter, we need to supply it with adequate amounts of oxygen for this growth and this is one of the main reasons why I have brought the subject of breathing up.  It is so very importantthat we exercise to maintain and indeed increase our well being and breathing is the key to our success.  Every opportunity we have we should take a moment to breathe more deeply for a few minutes.  We can do this very worthwhile activity anywhere and anytime.  No one will even notice us.


Another very important aspect of breathing is the rate of our breathing and the quantity of oxygen we obtain from that rate.  For one example, it is very closely aligned with our level of stress and tension.  We will already be familiar with this, as,when we are agitated or anxious, our heart rate increases making greater demands on the blood supply being pumped around our body.  At the same time, because of our distress, our breathing becomes dramatically more shallow.  Unfortunately, this is not accompanied by an equally dramatic increase in oxygen, so our body does not receive enough to compensate for the additional demand.  So once again, we need to take stronger steady breaths to compensate.  Again, as you are now becoming more aware, breathing is the key.


If we are trying to relax or gain a calm state of mind and body which may be simply resting or perhaps meditating, it is necessary to once again be conscious of our breathing.  The body has certain natural levels of breathing which it has become accustomed to, depending on what we are doing.  For example, if we are sleeping, this brings about a certain rhythm of breathing which is different to that which we experience when we are simply at rest and very different to when we are active and exerting our body.  The significance of this fact is that if we can remain calm and at peace, our breathing remains at a steady rhythmic pace and allows our mind and our body to, in a sense, have a good break from always working so hard to keep us well, both physically and mentally and I will add spiritually.


So again, I will ask you to be more conscious and aware of your bodies need for breathing.  It is definitely worth your while to remember and practice the use and control of your breathing.  Be aware of the changing circumstances you experience daily and remember your breath is a very, very important way to help you to have control over your responses to the many changing circumstances which inevitably occur every day of our lives.





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Over recent years, there have been very few global issues which have confronted people with a more important, and indeed, more controversial decision to make than how green should I be?  Firstly, it would be helpful for everyone to clarify exactly what the meaning of this question really is.  Green is a term which has come into use in the last century or so, as a general description for our level of interest in the natural environment.  So the question really is, how much interest should I take in the state of the natural world?


Strangely, there is no terminology that I am aware of, such as brown or grey for a total lack of concern or respect for the environment.  So, we are virtually committed to consider which position on the green color spectrum we wish to be, or believe we should be.  There are so many names for the different positions people hold on this issue, some of them being just a greenie, right wing greens, left wing greens, political party greens, radical greens and moderate greens.  It just goes on and on.  Some people have political agendas and some have social and spiritual agendas, all shades of green possible.


There are some people who believe that the environment should be totally subjugated and totally subordinate to mankind.  Others believe the environment should be left totally alone and we, as humans, should be satisfied to live within the conditions and environment it dictates.  I believe that the majority of people are both, caring, responsible and intelligent enough to consider that the shade of green we should choose is definitely not the extreme shade at each end of the spectrum, but that we should choose a shade somewhere in the middle, the correct choice is definitely not all or nothing.  Everybody has a different level of responsibility and level of contribution which is normally governed by the individual opportunities and resources we have at our disposal. Apart from the absurd option of total destruction of the environment, there is probably room for almost everyone else to follow their own individual path.  I would also suggest that we all need to be as considerate and as tolerant of the ideas and opinions of others as we can and try very hard to keep open a peaceful dialogue with those people who appear to have a very different view and a different agenda to you.  Always remember, you will gain a far better knowledge and understanding of those who may oppose your ideas if you listen carefully to what they have to say and what it is they believe.  This may assist in some helpful compromises you may not have been able to achieve.


Circumstances can dictate solutions which are not always the perfect results we would like to achieve.  However, people must come first.  We must not only survive, we must also prosper.  This is the natural process of life so it may continue no matter which form of life it is.  So, this leaves all of us in a position to choose the shade of green involvement we wish. Please do not distress yourself over the amount of good you can achieve, be it small or large.  We are not expected, as individuals, to contribute more than a small effort each.  Remember, the mighty structure of the Great Wall of China was built by simply adding one stone or mud block to another.  If our effort is made with love, concern and genuine intentions to preserve and return a healthy balance to the world in which we live, we will contribute a benefit well worth our effort. 

So, as a final comment you may wish to do the following things.

:Assess your ability to contribute.

:Assess the level of commitment which is right for you.

:Take the level of action you, yourself, are comfortable with.

:Take the level of action which will fit comfortably with your work and family.

After considering the ideas above or similar ideas of your own that you arrive at, you will have answered your own question and will have found which shade of green you should be.



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About the new house, don’t worry dear, I have been discussing it with the engineer and he assured me there is nothing to be concerned about. He said, “It is perfectly safe and secure, it is built solid rock.”



Many of the truly great structures of the ancient world, such as the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids of Egypt, the great Maya cities of Tikal, Palenque, Chichenitza in the Yucatan Peninsula and the Temple City of Teotihuacan in Mexico, all have a number of similarities, many of which are very obvious to us.  Firstly, we see they are all very large and substantial structures.  Next, we may notice they are all built of stone, being the only permanent building material available in ancient times.  Thirdly, that they are all very old.  In some instances, they have stood for five thousand years. However, the most important characteristic they all have in common is not always so apparent and so obvious, and this singular feature that unites them all is the foundations upon which all these great structures are built.  Thousands and thousands of tonnes of rock, sand, soil, coral and coal, all of the building materials that mankind had discovered are suitable and reliable for this purpose, provide the basis upon which all these dramatic structures have been able to stand and continue to survive down through the ages to the present time.  The obvious lesson to be learnt from this knowledge is that the only way for anything we create to grow and become something of substance and permanence in our live, is if it is built on a rock solid base.


It is very important to realise that although we have, up to now been using the physical structure of ancient buildings as an example, the truth is that almost everything in our lives needs to have a strong base to build upon if it is to stand firm over the years and indeed to continue to grow and to flourish. Anything of longevity has to have a solid beginning.  Let us examine some situations where this is easily shown. Building a business requires us to firstly have a creative idea, visualize the progressive results, see potential obstacles to our success, then we begin to build the physical structures we need to power our new business.  Perhaps it is a good office building or enough factory space or machinery that will adequately accomplish producing our new clients orders.  It would also involve making sure we acquire the best staffing personnel to operate the business smoothly and with efficiency. The basic structure could be almost anything.  However it must be strong, solid and of excellent quality for its specific purpose and most of all well planned and executed in its application.


This now brings us to consider what is probably the most important application of all for this simple, basic idea of as olid foundation, and this is to apply it to our personal, individual lives.  Having a stable, well defined plan for how we would like to develop our lives and grow with the lives of those people around us whom we love and cherish is the key to a life filled with love and happiness, harmony and personal achievement.  It helps enable us to develop good ethics and life principals we can apply to ourselves and use as living examples to our children.  It creates stability in our work lives, enjoyment of our sporting and leisure activities and quality time spent with our life partner and children. Indeed, there is no facet of our life that will not be enhanced by good planning and earnest application. 


There is another important thing which should be considered when we discuss the principal of the solid base and that is, there will be times when we will find it necessary to consider somefundamental changes to your base.  Life is never stable enough and unchangeable that we will not have to consider making adjustments to our building plans at some times in our life.  This is completely normal and you should make every effort to effect  these changes in the most calm, organized and practical manner you are capable of.  Do not be afraid of the changes.  If you make them in an orderly and considered manner, they will cause very little disruption and indeed place you back on your path with ease. Remember our ancient buildings and consider the future results if builders and subsequent caretakers did not make adjustments to the foundations when structural or design errors were discovered.


Also, please do not forget the spiritual structure of your life, which ever form it takes for you.  It to can be greatly enhanced by planning and organization while you work upon your personal beliefs to build a spiritual path that will take you and indeed those people around you on a more happy, loving and contented journey through your life.


Consider this,                                         Build strong

                                                              Live well  Live long



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The generous act of paying a compliment to someone is one of the easiest and most simple things we can do.  The results that can occur from paying acompliment are often out of all proportion to the small effort involved to make them.  By this, I mean that a few well chosen, genuinely meant words can have a profound effect on, and lift the spirits and the emotional well being of the person who receives them, far above what you might believe possible.  Firstly though, you must keep in mind that complements are only going to create good benefits if they are genuine and honest in their delivery.  Remember, people can see through untruthful remarks very easily and this only contributes to the opposite result from what you are trying to achieve.


When we receive compliments, we become immediately aware that someone else has taken an interest in us and thinks enough of us to notice something worthwhile. It can be almost anything. Perhaps it might be our appearance, this is a very common thing which people choose to make a compliment about or it could be a recent activity we have undertaken or something like our attitude towards a current situation in our lives.  There is almost no limit to what can be noticed about us.  However,no matter what the compliment is founded on, it is almost inevitable that anumber of things will occur when it is made. One of these is that we will have an increase in our self esteem.  It may be a little or it may be a lot.  However, it is of no matter, as self esteem needs to be nurtured regularly to encourage it to grow and develop.  So, if someone contributes either a small or large step up the ladder to how we feel about ourselves, it is still of great value. Whether we are conscious of it or not, it is very important to all of us and in particular our happiness, that we have an abundance of self esteem. This is even more significant in the lives of our children and young people.  Their lives and their chances of having a successful and happy future are greatly decreased if we do not make a significant effort to support and encourage them to have a strong belief in themselves.  We all have a need to feel worthwhile, that we have a value to others, that we can be important in our contributions to the people we love and care about, like our families, our friends and our society of which we are a member and rightfully belong.


So, here we are with the ability to help to contribute towards almost anyone developing a better sense of self worth, a better understanding of what a valuable person they really are and an acceptance of the fact that it is perfectly fine to like yourself for just who you are.


What an awesome power we have.  It is wonderful to know that every single one of us can be capable of doing such good and with such a simple effort as remembering to pay a heartfelt compliment. So try to remember, at every possible opportunity, do just this, speak up, pay a compliment, and watch the other person’s spirit soar.